Seminar on ‘Enormous change at the last minute’

A seminar series on women’s rights, challenges, perspectives, hopes and empowerment continues this week in the House of Lords.

Chaired by Baroness Joyce Gould, the series organised by Women Worldwide Advancing Freedom and Equality (WWAFE), runs throughout the year.

The WWAFE, describing the series, said: “Sometimes, as women, our circumstances do result in ‘enormous changes at the last minute’ … just as today’s political world could be described in these terms. The polls and the pundits predicted remaining ‘in’ would be the Brexit referendum outcome. The polls and the pundits predicted the 45th US President as being Hillary Clinton. At the last minute, polls and pundits were proven wrong.

“What about women? Do these ‘world’ changes impact on our action, our hopes, our intentions, our future and if so how? What about changes occurring directly in our own lives – what are they, how have they impacted, have they taken us in directions we never contemplated? What action have we taken to address the shocks, the sudden opportunities, the epiphanies? How can we make the best of change and changes, whether ‘out there’ in the external world of politics, or ‘in here’ at home with ourselves? This seminar series explores such questions through words and vision of women of backgrounds diverse and distinct, yet with the commonality women living in the world – a world of enormous changes.”

More details on the WWAFE 2017 seminar, House of Lords



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