More than 1K women running for office in Tanzania

International bodies have been promoting women’s leadership in the governance of countries. The latest campaign is in the Tanzanian 2015 elections this week.

More than 12,000 candidates have stood in the elections in the United Republic of Tanzania, 1,039 of whom are women. The election will be held on 25/10/2015 for the Parliament and the Zanzibar House of Representatives, local District Council and the Presidency.

According to the UN Women, “Tanzanian law provides for ‘special seats’ with 30 per cent reserved for women appointed by political parties, based on proportional representation. However, now more than 1,000 women are claiming their space, contesting in their own right through their constituencies.”

UN Women, through its campaigns, has been highlighting the message: “Women are capable and they make good leaders.” More information on the work UN Women has been doing in this area is in the links below.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) & UN Women promote women leadership and election participation in Tanzania through community media.

Women claim their space in Tanzanian elections (UN Women, 23/10/2015)



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