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Women and the Vote

Women and Parliament (Parliament website)

Women and the Vote

Women get the Vote

Key dates – Women and the Vote

Votes for Women (BBC GCSE resource)

The History of the Suffragettes (BBC News)

Role of British women in the 20th Century (History Learning Site)

Emmeline Pankhurst (History Learning Site)

Women suffrage (Wikipedia)


Video resources

 The ‘Campaigning for the Vote’, the diary of Kate Parry Frye

The video below on YouTube features a talk by suffrage historian Elizabeth Crawford published 5/12/2012 by Parliament UK.

The video below on YouTube features Katherine Connelly on ‘Sylvia Pankhurst: Suffragette, Socialist and Scourge of Empire’ (Pluto, 2013)

Beamish Museum’s video on the women’s suffragette movement (YouTube)


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Current organisations

All Party Parliamentary Group on Women

Improving Women in Parliament Report 2014 (APPG)

The Women’s Institute

Convention of political rights of women, 1952 (United Nations)

Women and Democracy (United Nations)

The 2011 General Assembly resolution on Women’s Political Participation reaffirms “that the active participation of women, on equal terms with men, at all levels of decision-making is essential to the achievement of equality, sustainable development, peace and democracy”.

Women leaders and political participation (United Nations)



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